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Simple SERP (Simple Syrup)

What is a SERP? Grab a drink, add some simple syrup, and let's discuss how ranking high on a SERP is anything but simple.

simple serp

Deanna Grogan

Deanna's passion for learning and storytelling led her to the world of digital marketing. Her background in content creation and team management empowers her to collaborate across departments, pursue creative solutions, support the Avalanche Creative team, and ensure client success as our Strategy Director.

Why This Recipe Works

SERP stands for “search engine results page,” which is what a search engine returns after a user submits a keyword or search query into a search box. SEO can help your website rank more highly on a SERP without having to pay for ads.



  1. Make a search in Google for just about anything.
  2. Browse your options, and notice some unique features.
  3. Hopefully, find the right content to fulfill your sweet intentions.