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EngageMint Julep (Mint Julep)

Why is engagement important? Let's mix it up with a mint julep and talk about why website engagement is so important to SEO.

engagemint julep

Lance Beaudry

Lance doesn't have time for the spacesinhissentences. He's always going, curious, and extremely competitive (mostly with himself). He loves to investigate a website to identify opportunities for more traffic and conversions. Spend a little time with him and he'll give you a treasure chest full of website marketing ideas to help you get more results.

Why This Recipe Works

Website engagement is a way to measure how users interact with your website. There are many ways to measure engagement, but healthy engagement with your site is a signal to search engines that your website offers a valuable experience.


  • A healthy website
  • Your choice of website analytics tools
  • A lot of testing and optimizing


  1. Make sure you’ve got some analytics tools on your site to measure engagement metrics.
  2. Pick some of the right metrics to measure (time on page, bounce rate, etc.)
  3. See what you can do to improve any metric and repeat.