black hat russian

Black Hat Russian (Black Russian)

What is black hat SEO? Stir up some Black Russians and let’s talk about the shady tactics used to get the results you want on SERPs.

white hat russian

White Hat Russian (White Russian)

What are white hat tactics? Grab a White Russian, and let’s play by the rules and talk about doing SEO the ethical way.


CosmopoliTrend (Cosmopolitan)

Fancy learning about what’s trending? Grab a cosmopolitan, and let’s talk about what’s hot in Google Trends.

robots.txt on the beach

Robots.txt on the Beach (Sex on the Beach)

What is robots.txt? Let’s get some knowledge on the search engine file that says yes or no to crawling your web pages.

scotch and schema

Scotch & Schema (Scotch & Soda)

What is schema? Grab a scotch and soda, and let’s get into the semantics about schema tags and their importance for SEO.

espressl martini

EspreSSL Martini (Espresso Martini)

What is an SSL certificate? Let’s secure some espresso martinis and discuss encrypted connections to websites.

bel linki

Bel-link-i (Bellini)

Website links are a peach. Let’s relax with some Bellinis and talk about the importance of links for search engines and websites.

page session ipa

Page Session IPA (Session IPA)

What is a page session? Crack open a cold, hoppy brew, and let’s talk about page sessions so you don’t get people that bounce.

engagemint julep

EngageMint Julep (Mint Julep)

Why is engagement important? Let’s mix it up with a mint julep and talk about why website engagement is so important to SEO.

mai title tag

Mai Title Tag (Mai Tai)

What is a title tag? Get on a beach somewhere, and let’s whip up a pretty little clickable link called the title tag.

search engin tonic

Search EnGin & Tonic (Gin & Tonic)

Why are search engines important? Sip back and relax with a gin & tonic while we talk a bit about search engines.

simple serp

Simple SERP (Simple Syrup)

What is a SERP? Grab a drink, add some simple syrup, and let’s discuss how ranking high on a SERP is anything but simple.

pina crawlada

Piña Crawlada (Piña Colada)

What is a site crawl? Crawl up with a piña colada as we talk about search engine crawlers.

long island iced eat

Long Island Iced E-A-T (Long Island Iced Tea)

What is E-A-T? Learn about Google’s search quality rater with this recipe for a long island iced E-A-T.

whiskeyword sour

WhisKeyword Sour (Whiskey Sour)

What is a keyword? What do you do with keywords for SEO? Grab a whiskey and a fresh lemon, and let’s talk keywords.

seo daiquery daiquiri

DaiQuery (Daiquiri)

There’s nothing more refreshing than actually finding what you’re looking for online. Let’s relax with some daiquiris and chat about search queries.

seo kpirish coffee

KPIrish Coffee (Irish Coffee)

What should you measure in SEO? Grab your favorite Irish whiskey, coffee, and cream, and let’s chat SEO KPIs.

Moscow murl

Moscow mURL (Moscow Mule)

What are URLs, and why do they matter in SEO? Crack open a ginger beer and vodka, and let’s talk URLs.