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Piña Crawlada (Piña Colada)

What is a site crawl? Crawl up with a piña colada as we talk about search engine crawlers.

pina crawlada

Lance Beaudry

Lance doesn't have time for the spacesinhissentences. He's always going, curious, and extremely competitive (mostly with himself). He loves to investigate a website to identify opportunities for more traffic and conversions. Spend a little time with him and he'll give you a treasure chest full of website marketing ideas to help you get more results.

Why This Recipe Works

A crawler is a program used by search engines to collect data from the internet by crawling the website’s content. This allows your website to be found when people search for it—or related keywords—on Google and other search engines.


  • Trillions of web pages
  • A search engine
  • Crawling spiders! 🕷


  1. Have a website, and make sure it can be indexed to crawl.
  2. Go to Google Search Console, and tell those spiders to crawl!
  3. You’re now enjoying the opportunity to be found alongside trillions of web pages.