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DaiQuery (Daiquiri)

There's nothing more refreshing than actually finding what you're looking for online. Let's relax with some daiquiris and chat about search queries.

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Deanna Grogan

Deanna is in love with words. Her curious mind enjoys discovering hidden treasures during SEO research, and she loves putting together pieces of content like pieces of a puzzle. Have something to say, but not sure how to say it? Deanna can help you communicate in a way that impresses both searchers and search engines.

Why This Recipe Works

A search query is simply whatever a person types into a search engine. Understanding the reasoning behind a query can help you write content that better meets user intent.



  1. Analyze your keyword list for long-tail keywords that reflect actual search queries.
  2. Google those search queries yourself to find related questions in the “People Also Ask” section.
  3. Use your research to inform your SEO content strategy.

Note: It’s harder to rank for short, high-traffic keywords (e.g., “daiquiris”) than long-tail keywords that may not have as much traffic (e.g., “what is the best rum for a daiquiri”). Search queries also reveal more about user intent and can help you write specific, targeted content that actually answers searchers’ questions.