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Bel-link-i (Bellini)

Website links are a peach. Let's relax with some Bellinis and talk about the importance of links for search engines and websites.

bel linki

Rayanne Beaudry

Lady in the streets...freak in the spreadsheets. Rayanne lives and dies by her Google Calendar, to-do list, and endless spreadsheets. She always believes that there's room for a streamlined system and efficient process. As an MBA student and business owner, turning all areas of life into a well-oiled machine is her sweet spot.

Why This Recipe Works

A link (which is short for hyperlink) is an object that allows you to jump to a new webpage location when you click or tap it. Links are found on almost every webpage and provide a simple means of navigating between pages on the web. They are important to search engines for crawling the internet to understand a page’s purpose.


  • One website (or one trillion)
  • A text editor (for adding a link)


  1. Have a website.
  2. Add a link to just about any content on your website (image, button, text, etc.) to something else (another page, image, video, etc.)
  3. If you change a link permanently, be sure to set up a 301 redirect so your link doesn’t break!