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Avalanche Creative is an agency in Grand Rapids, MI that helps you realize the opportunities your business has through search engine optimization and web development.

What People Say

Client testimonials.

Avalanche was great to work with, knowledgable and personable. I love my new website - exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend working with them!

Amy Pottenger

Refresh Design

Avalanche Creative was a dream come true. I hired Avalanche and was instantly reassured that this was a good move. They responded to my message within minutes and had a plan to migrate my site that day. I was in a bit of a bind and needed them to complete the task, thinking 2-3 weeks would be a short timeline. They had the site up and running in 3 days. Wow!!!! Couldn't be happier, the site is beautiful, easy to navigate and better than the preexisting. Thank you again, I'm a forever customer!

Natalie V.

In the crowded field of web development we all have choices right? My experience with Avalanche was top of the line...but maybe not for the reasons you might think. They listened to me, gave me helpful coaching when I needed it, and they literally made me feel like they cared as much about my website as I did. I had a great experience and now I have an ongoing relationship with them that continues to bear fruit. And oh by the way I work in a field that is pretty challenging to market successfully. If you have web needs Avalanche should be on your shortlist of companies you should be talking to. You won't regret it!

Chris Reinsma

We Are Opportunity Explorers

Not Your Typical Agency

You'll be surprised by how much advice we give away before you've invested in our team. We want people to succeed whether or not they work with us. Reach out, we're always willing to make a software or strategy recommendation for your problem. 

Our Process

Be people focused and results will follow.

  • Understand & Empathize

    We develop a deep understanding of your customer. What are their pain points? What excites them and motivates them? How do we get obsessed with helping them?

  • Build & Innovate

    We build something awesome for your target customers. We offer your customer a truly irresistible digital experience and solution. Something that challenges, disrupts or innovates the status quo of your industry.

  • Measure & Repeat

    Together, we define success and measure it over time. We learn from mistakes, but we mitigate risks early on. We repeat the process. Continuing to empathize with your customer


Strategies and tools we use to help your organization succeed.

Considering SEO to get more qualified traffic to your site? There's a lot to consider. Visit our SEO page to help you along your journey. Find help like:

  • Why SEO
  • Getting started with SEO
  • Get a free SEO report
  • Measuring ROI of SEO
  • General help

Working or considering working with WordPress? Visit our WordPress page to help you along your journey. Find help like:

  • Why you should use WordPress
  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Starting a new WordPress website
  • Plugins
  • Customizing WordPress
  • General help

Working or considering working with Shopify? Visit our Shopify page to help you along your journey. Find help like:

  • Why you should use Shopify
  • Getting started with Shopify
  • Starting a new Shopify website
  • Shopify apps
  • Customizing Shopify
  • General help

Need a custom web application? The right software can solve any problem. We do custom web development to help people do what they do even better. Learn more about our web development team:

  • Why custom web development
  • Our technical skill set


Helpful content for your journey.

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