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Find out about the power of working with a company specializing in SaaS SEO services, and how we can help you attract better leads with empathy-driven, data-based strategies.

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Avalanche Creative knows exactly how to help SaaS companies find high-quality customers—and more of them. We specialize in providing customized SEO strategies and high-quality content for software providers to help them attract and retain the customers they want. Our team works with SaaS companies of all sizes and types to help them see tangible, data-based results that offer long-term lead generation solutions.


SEO Strategy Plan

As a SaaS SEO provider, our strategy plans are at the heart of our plan to help you get the SEO results you want. We start by familiarizing ourselves with the data of your existing website, researching competing SaaS brands, and learning more about the people you serve. From there, we’ll use the information we find to start developing a robust SEO strategy.

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Content Writing

At Avalanche Creative, we specialize in creating content for people, rather than just for search engines. Where most agencies will add content to your website just for the sake of it having written words for Google to read, our content is designed to reflect how your future customers use search engines to search for answers and insights. This allows you to build consumer trust through well-researched content and attract your ideal clients.

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Web Design & Development

In addition to developing data-driven content for SaaS companies, our web design team makes attractive, easy-to-navigate websites that put search engine optimization at the forefront. We design these sites to drive your visitors to convert into leads or clients, making them easy to use and navigate.

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Technical SEO

As part of our approach to technical SEO for SaaS, our experts will analyze your website’s backend to ensure search engines can properly index all its pages. We’ll also look for broken links and make sure your pages load quickly, all to improve your website’s ability to rank higher and be easier to use.

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Local SEO

In some cases, your client may need a SaaS provider that’s familiar with the nuances of their city, state, or country. That’s where local SEO becomes essential. We’ll research which keywords your local customers are using to look for SaaS providers and create content that answers their questions effectively. We’ll also develop your Google My Business profile so local customers can find you directly on Google.

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SEO Consulting

Our SaaS SEO consulting services are beneficial for providers that have the resources and bandwidth to develop their content in-house. The level of experience our digital marketing agency has will provide your team with guidance, assistance, and recommendations to make your marketing strategy run.

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Performance Tracking & Analysis

Data-driven analysis is the best way to see how your marketing efforts are working over time. We’ll track the metrics that matter most to helping your SaaS brand grow, which demonstrates ROI and shows where we may need to adjust our strategy.

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Download Our SaaS SEO Guide

Read through our industry guide on SEO for SaaS companies to learn how yours can develop its own marketing strategy to generate more leads.

SEO for SaaS

Our Process

Keyword Research

We base our strategy for your business around finding the best SEO keywords for SaaS providers that are relevant to the type of software you offer. We may target keywords relating to your services, the types of software you offer, and phrases specific to your specialties.

Competitive Analysis

When we’re conducting our competitive analysis, we’ll review the keywords other SaaS companies use and how they rank for them. The data we find helps us determine where there may be opportunities to take advantage of things your competitors haven’t thought to do yet, and if you can replicate what works for them.

Sitemap Planning

We design your sitemap before we start making your content. This roadmap to your content plan helps everyone involved in your marketing efforts understand the SEO strategy and tactics we’re using, how it might work for your current website, and the best way to attract leads with new and existing content. We develop your sitemap based on keyword data and insights about your company, which reflects your business goals.

Content Planning

Once we’ve established your content strategy, we’ll use the keyword data and information we gathered from your marketing team to create topics that are relevant to your customers’ needs. We develop content plans every 90 days, adjusting our strategies as needed.

SEO Audits

As a SaaS SEO agency, we regularly audit your website to ensure our strategy is working for your business. After all, what makes sense for the first several months might look different from what you need after we’ve optimized all your existing pages. The data we find during these audits shows us how to respond to changes in your industry, competitors, and the needs of your SaaS clients.

Ongoing SEO Strategy

If an agency offers you a one-size-fits-all solution, run. Your strategy should continue to change and grow alongside your business and software solutions. Our SaaS digital marketing strategies are custom-tailored for each client to reflect that. We’ll find the right balance of our service offerings to help you get the results you need for your budget.

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The Power of Working with an SaaS SEO Agency

More Qualified Leads

One of our top goals for helping SaaS providers is to help them generate high-quality leads that are more likely to pay more for your services and become long-term customers. Some agencies focus solely on increasing website traffic, but that shouldn’t be the whole picture—after all, website traffic alone doesn’t pay your employees. Instead, we focus on driving higher-quality traffic to your website so the leads you get will be more likely to convert.

Better Informed Customers

Your website is an educational tool that never shuts down. It can give your customers information about your products, services, and industry all day and night, allowing them to better understand what to expect when they work with you. By offering valuable, straightforward content, your future customers can learn about your products across any time zone, without a salesperson having to be there to answer their questions.

Improved ROI

Other types of marketing strategies like pay-per-click advertising are a quick, temporary fix for getting your brand in front of more people in a given area. By contrast, SEO allows you to continue generating leads that are willing to pay for your services for potentially years to come as an organic way to show expertise and improve your software’s brand reach.

Case Studies



15,000 monthly organic visitors
500+ monthly trial activations

TextSpot is SMS marketing and reminder software. Avalanche leads the SEO and content work for TextSpot that has driven their website to 15,000+ new monthly visitors and beyond $16,000 in monthly revenue.

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SaaS SEO Packages

As your B2B SaaS SEO agency, we’ll take care of researching, planning, writing, and publishing for your SEO strategy. We’ll keep you informed with reports and ask for your feedback every month, so you always know what’s going on. 

This service starts at a minimum of $2,500/month. However, the cost varies depending on the type of work we need to do and how fast you need us to complete it. This package typically includes:

  • Strategy planning
  • Monthly ongoing SEO
  • 1–4 content pieces (or more) published per month

With this setup, we’ll act more as your SEO consulting agency. Our experts will set you up for success and support you as needed, but the majority of the execution will be up to you. This option is great for companies with digital marketing teams that can take on SEO responsibilities as well.

Our plan for building your SEO strategy is a $5,000 one-time payment that covers extensive research and key insights about your online presence. The cost of ongoing SEO content templates, reporting, and consulting can vary, but it is a budget-friendly alternative to our full-service SEO package. This package typically includes:

  • Strategy plan
  • Monthly SEO consulting & reporting
  • 1–4 SEO content templates provided per month, with your team writing the content itself

Looking for guidance to set your product up for success? Choose us as your SaaS SEO consultant. This is a great option for manufacturers that already have a dedicated marketing strategy in place but want to get an SEO perspective.

Our SEO consulting fee is a flat rate of $150 an hour. Please keep in mind that we take on only a few consulting-only clients so we can focus our energy on providing value for our clients who need intensive expertise.

With our custom packages, you can get the services you need to help your website attract better leads for your software. The cost of custom packages can vary from small custom amendments to aggressive, full-service packages. Our custom digital marketing services include:

  • Web design
  • SEO website migration
  • CRO campaigns
  • HubSpot management
  • Web hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best SaaS search engine optimization firm should have experience marketing for companies both in the SaaS industry and in other industries as well. You should also look for an agency that is transparent in how they communicate with you from the start.

They should also have a policy of never overpromising results or claiming things they can’t back up. Reviews and case studies can also be a great way to see what it’s like to work with them.

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