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What is Content Marketing Consulting for SEO?

Many enterprise companies have incredible writers already on their staff. When you already have an in-house marketing team on your payroll, it may not make sense for you to outsource your company’s content needs to another agency.

SEO content marketing consulting leverages your in-house talent with our team’s expertise. With our SEO guidance and research, your team can write content designed to reach your target audience—and pick up some SEO skills along the way.

Benefits of SEO Content Consulting

Lower Costs

Pay for SEO research and strategies, but trust your own team for execution.

Play to your strengths

Your team is an expert on your industry and your company. SEO agencies like Avalanche are experts on SEO. SEO content consulting keeps everyone working in their area of expertise.

Protect your brand voice

If your company voice is particularly unique or challenging to imitate, it may be best to entrust it to your internal team rather than an external partner.

Learn about SEO

At Avalanche, we offer SEO content writing training workshops to our clients’ internal teams to help them execute on our research in a way that aligns with SEO best practices.

Our Process


Working with SEO content consultants makes sense if you have the resources on your own team to create content. This would mean you have:

  • Quality writers who are interested in learning and following SEO best practices
  • Time set aside to write multiple content pieces a month on a regular schedule
  • Time to review and approve SEO-driven content plans on a quarterly basis
  • Buy-in from leaders or executives who need to understand this allocation of team resources

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “Am I already spending time and resources to create content on a regular basis?” If so, SEO content consulting could fit easily into your existing processes. If not, you may need to consider outsourcing your SEO content creation in order to get the best results.

SEO content consulting involves work divided between two teams: Avalanche Creative’s and yours. While Avalanche researches and prescribes the content plan, your team executes it. Avalanche Creative can assist with publishing and web support, but ultimately, the content creation is your team’s responsibility.

Content creation involves outsourcing all of your SEO content needs to an external agency. Instead of devoting internal resources to researching and writing, your team is only asked to review and approve content created by Avalanche. You get to focus on running your business, while Avalanche Creative focuses on getting you great results through SEO.

SEO content consulting is a unique service highly dependent on your company’s individual needs and desires. Price varies based on the current health of your website, number of desired deliverables, and other content-related services, such as publishing or website support. Reach out today for a free estimate.

Start Getting Better Leads for Your Business

Leverage your team’s strengths by partnering with Avalanche Creative for SEO content marketing consulting services. Fill out the form below for a free audit to see if SEO content consulting is right for your business.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, our team is happy to conduct workshops going over the basics and best practices of SEO content writing. The best writers know that different types of writing require different skills. Copywriting is different from journalism, which is different from ghostwriting, which is different from SEO content writing. Our team can share our expertise to teach your internal writers a new approach to content.

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