SEO Performance Analysis

SEO Performance Analysis

Tracking the Results that Matter

Two of the most important parts of a successful SEO strategy are detailed analytics and reporting. They allow you to see where to make improvements, capitalize on what’s working, and respond to changes in the rankings. It also helps ensure that your SEO team is staying on top of things and working hard to get you great results.

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What Is SEO Performance Analysis?

An SEO performance analysis is a detailed, data-driven look at how your website is performing across multiple SEO metrics. It looks at statistics such as organic traffic, click-through rates, and conversions, and it breaks down the performance of individual pages and blog posts to show how their organic performance has changed over time.

Benefits of Tracking SEO Performance

By clearly showing detailed results of the current strategy, an SEO performance analysis allows you to see the strategy’s strengths and weaknesses. The analysis will show pages that are falling in the search result rankings that could benefit from an update with fresh content as well as opportunities to expand on content that is performing well.

Top Search Queries for SEO Report

A sound SEO performance analysis should also give you insights into your competitors. You’ll be able to see which keywords they’re ranking for, what type of content has proven successful for them, and where there may be gaps in their content that show a consumer need that you could fulfill.

Is Having a Third Party Perform SEO Analysis Right for You?

If you feel unsure about your current SEO strategy, or you think it could use a boost from a fresh pair of hands, it’s a great idea to work with an SEO agency. You can benefit from the expert advice of a team that does SEO performance analysis, creates new strategies, and develops content on a daily basis.

At Avalanche Creative, we work with teams of all sizes to build and execute a prescriptive SEO strategy that will help them improve traffic to their site, generate leads, and increase revenue. Whether you’re a small business of one or two people or a major company with a national reach, we offer services that are tailored to your website.

SEO Performance Analysis vs. SEO Audit Services

An SEO performance analysis and an SEO audit are similar services that sometimes overlap, depending on who is completing them. At Avalanche Creative, an audit is completed at the beginning of our process, and it involves competitor research, a technical audit of your website, and an initial content strategy. It enables our team to understand the current strategy, so we can improve it or build a new one.

The SEO performance analysis is part of our ongoing work with a client that shows us how the new strategy is performing and what adjustments need to be made. It involves updates on many of the details that were found in the audit, such as technical concerns, content gaps, and competitor analysis.

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Looking for a straightforward, easy-to-understand report on your SEO success? Contact us to learn about our SEO performance analyses.

Our Process

At Avalanche Creative, we’re always diving deep into the data to find new ways to help our clients. We have quarterly meetings with each of our clients to present our SEO performance analysis using multiple software tools including Looker Studio, Google Analytics 4, and SEMrush. Since SEO is a long-term strategy, we’ve found that quarterly reports are a great way to show how organic traffic and leads are performing over time.

It’s important to us that our clients are able to read and understand the different aspects of the report, so they can feel confident in the strategy and make contributions based on knowledge of their company and industry. When we sift through the data and create the reports, we prioritize the information that our clients tell us is key to their overall business goals, and what we know to be important based on our experience.

Our Looker Studio and GA4 SEO reports show the most popular landing pages that visitors are using to enter your site, how long they tend to stay, and how many of them click through to another page. We can track their journey through the website to see which actions they complete, such as emails and form submissions. We can also see which pages are getting a lot of views but aren’t seeing a lot of conversions. This is a great way to determine which pages could benefit from a conversion rate optimization (CRO) campaign.

SEMrush Technical SEO Audit

Using SEMrush, we can dive into the technical details of your website to see which pages have broken links, haven’t been crawled by Google, or have duplicate metadata. This allows us to fix issues where pages should be performing well but are held back by a technical issue with the site.

Cost of SEO Performance Analysis

Our SEO performance analysis service is part of an overall SEO strategy that is tailored to each client. We offer multiple packages, including a custom option, so that you can choose the service that best fits your team and resources. Our other SEO services include content writing, web design, and technical SEO.


Industry Experience

Our team has experience in a wide range of different industries. We’ve listed some of the most common below, but we are always taking on clients in new sectors to help them find success.

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A competitor analysis is one of the first steps in developing an SEO strategy since it can save your team valuable time by seeing proof of what works and what doesn’t. A competitor analysis will determine which companies are good competitors to investigate, what keywords they are ranking for, and what kind of content they are using to rank. You should also look at details such as where they’re using PPC and which keywords they may be missing.

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