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What Is an SEO Content Strategy?

An SEO content strategy is the process of planning and developing content for websites that will allow them to become more visible on search engines like Google. 

A robust SEO content strategy includes insightful content on your website pages, an active and relevant blog, and a link-building plan that builds your website’s reputation with search engines. It also includes content that can ultimately attract more visitors to your site long-term.

Benefits of Building an SEO Content Plan

Building overarching SEO content plans allows your content development team to stay focused on goals that will help your business grow. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Prevents pet projects from sidetracking from your strategic goals
  • Allows you to focus on what will bring customers to your site organically
  • Enables you to target the most valuable keywords for your business

Is an SEO Content Strategy Right for You?

Honestly, let us help you find out with a free SEO content strategy audit. We’ll see if there is a case to be made for your business. If we can’t effectively tell a story about how SEO-evidenced content can turn to revenue for your business, we won’t suggest working on an SEO content strategy.

Google searches are an integral part of daily life for many of us—including your customers. Chances are, you’ve used search engines to find answers that go in-depth on the topic at hand so you can learn more about it. Optimized content is at the heart of your company’s SEO marketing plan, and your ability to provide those answers.

If you have a larger set of SEO plans you’re using, including content development as part of it can be a major staple depending on your goals.

Still not sure if you need an SEO content strategy? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my customer go to Google to find solutions to their problems?
  • Has your website generated a good, organic lead from search engines before?
  • Are the results you can achieve worth the investment?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions, you likely need an SEO content strategy. However, if you’re not going to invest your own time to do SEO yourself, don’t go for the least expensive option—this will allow you to either generate more leads in general, or more high-quality leads that are more likely to close to cover that investment.

SEO Campaign vs. SEO Content Strategy

While SEO campaigns are mostly self-contained, our SEO content marketing strategy for your business is larger in scale. We recommend specific SEO campaigns to target and find the right keywords for your website so it can rank on search engines. However, we also recommend having a robust content strategy to drive searchers to your website—and keep them there.

In short, an SEO campaign can be part of a larger SEO content strategy, but an SEO content strategy should not be confined to just one campaign. SEO campaigns and content strategies rely on each other to work effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The reason some of the highest-performing companies use quarterly SEO planning is that it allows you to use an in-depth analysis of your strategy, what worked in the previous quarter, and what can be improved. A quarterly SEO content plan allows you to better understand trends, progress on ranking for certain keywords, and how they may be affecting your marketing and sales pipelines overall.

While it’s still quite helpful to look at metrics month over month, it’s ideal to base your SEO content plan on longer-term results in quarterly, six-month, and annual increments. This allows you to take a more proactive approach, instead of reacting to every monthly increase or decrease in metrics.

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