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With as many hospitals and health organizations as there are vying for search engine real estate, healthcare SEO is more important than ever. Explore the strategies our SEO experts use to help healthcare organizations attract more new patients.

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SEO Services for Healthcare

At Avalanche Creative, our team of experts has extensive, deep-rooted expertise in developing high-quality SEO services for doctors and hospitals. We create a bespoke strategy with our services to fit your budget and goals. Our experts also conduct the extensive research necessary to bring new, high-value patients to your organization.

We’ve developed our methods through years of experience and data analysis to determine which strategies are most successful for long-term SEO success. Our team is also flexible enough to respond to rapidly changing industry conditions, including adjustments search engines make to their algorithms.


SEO Strategy Plan

When you choose Avalanche as your healthcare SEO company, we’ll start developing a strategic plan by diving into the data of your website and your digital footprint—along with your competitors’ online presence. Our staff will conduct SEO audits of your current website assets to see what’s performing well and where we can help you improve.

As we’re conducting this research, our team will build an extensive list of keywords that your patients are using when they’re looking for your health services and develop an SEO strategy plan. This plan will serve as your roadmap for setting up the most effective ways to generate patient leads and bring more money to your business. The strategy will include a sitemap and content plan as the groundwork for what we hope to achieve with your website.

We’ll also propose topics you should tackle first to get the best results on the fastest timeline for your organization.

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Content Writing

Effective medical SEO services will create content for your website that is accurate, informative, and engaging. But above all, it should be for humans, by humans. Our creative staff will find great ways to make content that is relevant to your potential customers and that builds confidence in your medical staff’s experience and expertise.

To create content that will target your audience and patient population, we look at what is ranking for the keywords we’re targeting. Our team analyzes the voice and tone of the content, looks at its use of service line-specific terminology, and gauges what kind of reader it is built for—right down to the type of service they think they need.

We also work with our clients to ensure that our writing captures the brand authority of your company and works within your current digital marketing strategy. Many of our clients take the content we’ve created for their websites and find additional uses, such as email marketing and social media.

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Web Design & Development

A user-friendly website is essential for getting your healthcare organization’s website to rank on the search engine results page (SERP). Our web design team ensures that your online presence reflects the professionalism of your business while optimizing it for search engines.

Whenever we build a new website, we start with a competitor analysis to see how the most effective healthcare websites are structured. Then we’ll create a clean, professional design that speaks to your audience and follows medical SEO marketing best practices.

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Technical SEO

Even the most optimized healthcare content won’t perform well if there are problems with the website hosting it. Our technical SEO service addresses the parts of your site to maximize its load times, fix issues with broken links, and ensure optimal indexing for search engines.

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Local SEO

Everything we’ve listed up to this point is important for healthcare SEO, but local SEO is essential. It encompasses the strategies that help your patients find you when they need them most.

One of the most effective strategies to supplement local SEO for medical practices is creating location pages and service line pages for each of the areas where you have a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office. This allows you to more easily reach people who are searching for phrases like “podiatrist in Grand Rapids” or “urgent care clinic in Muskegon.”

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SEO Consulting

If your organization already has a marketing strategy in place but you’d like the perspective of an SEO expert, our SEO consultants provide expert advice and strategies. Whether you’re redesigning your site or developing content in-house, our team will offer invaluable insights to enhance your SEO efforts.

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Performance Tracking & Analysis

SEO best practices in the healthcare industry are always changing to suit patients’ needs. That’s why it’s critical to track and analyze your site’s performance. Performance tracking allows us to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy and keep your finger on the pulse.

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Our Process

Keyword Research

One of the first steps to an effective SEO strategy for healthcare is to perform extensive keyword research. We’ll find the keywords people are using in Google searches and confirm their relevance. Once we build a list, we’ll present it to your marketing team to ensure our choices are relevant to your organization and service lines.

Competitive Analysis

We can get a head start on building the right healthcare marketing SEO strategy by looking at what competing healthcare systems are doing to rank effectively. Our team will also identify gaps in their content that will help your company stand out in search results.

Sitemap Planning

A readable sitemap is a great tool for understanding the structure and content of your healthcare system’s website. It will allow us to find duplicate pages, orphaned pages, and gaps in your strategy that will enable our team to create an effective plan moving forward.

Content Planning

After in-depth research, our team will create a 90-day strategy with proposed topics and a plan for what the finished content will look like. 

Our content team works to ensure that your new pages and blog posts meet the searchers’ needs with rich, engaging content that points them towards your services. We’ll also identify existing pages or blog posts we can update to improve their ranking on the SERP.

SEO Audits

Regular audits are essential to know how your website is performing, how you stack up against your competitors, and what our team can do to help. We conduct thorough audits to identify areas for improvement and adapt your strategy based on changing trends, competitor strategies, and user behavior.

Ongoing SEO Strategy

Your SEO agency should always update its strategy based on where your website is and how it’s performing. What your team needs in month three may be different from month 12, and we always strive to find the right balance between content, web, SEO, and technical services for your growth.

Work With an Experienced Healthcare SEO Agency

Does your healthcare organization need an experienced SEO agency? Reach out to the team at Avalanche Creative to learn what we can do for your business.


The Power of SEO for Healthcare

Increased Leads

The main goal of our healthcare SEO strategies is to generate more patient leads that bring more revenue to your organization. While increased website traffic is a good sign, it won’t mean anything if patients aren’t booking more appointments—whether it’s in preventative care or elective procedures designed to improve their quality of life. Avalanche’s methods are built to bring in traffic that will use your services.

More Informed Patients

Your website is just as much a tool for patients to find you as it is a way for them to educate themselves about their conditions. By providing clear, concise, medically accurate information about conditions and treatments, they can be more informed, leading to a better patient experience overall when they schedule an appointment with your physicians.

Better Brand Authority

A well-executed SEO strategy enhances your healthcare brand’s visibility and reputation. Trust is invaluable within the healthcare industry, and a strong online presence can help you build credibility—both with patients and with the physicians you’re looking to recruit to your organization.

Case Studies

Cancer and Hematology Centers

740K total impressions
1,485 total conversions from June 1 - Oct 26 2023

The Cancer and Hematology Centers is the largest physician-owned oncology and hematology practice in Michigan. They offer personalized, advanced care for patients and families.

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Healthcare SEO Packages

In this package, our team will do the work for you. We’ll conduct the SEO research, site planning, content writing, and web publishing. Our staff will also keep you informed with reports and ask for your feedback. 

This service starts at a minimum of $2,500/month, but the cost will vary depending on what work needs to be done and how fast you would like it to be completed. This package typically includes:

  • Strategy planning
  • Monthly ongoing SEO
  • 1–4 content pieces or more published per month

This package is ideal for healthcare organizations with an in-house digital marketing team that can take on SEO responsibilities. Our team will lay the groundwork and lend assistance when needed, while you execute the plan.

Building the strategy plan is a $5,000 one-time payment that will cover extensive research and key insights about your online presence. The cost of ongoing SEO work such as creating content templates, reporting, and consulting can vary, but it’s a more budget-friendly option than our full-service SEO package. This package typically includes:

  • Strategy planning
  • Monthly SEO consulting & reporting
  • 1–4 SEO content templates provided per month, with your team writing the content

Looking for SEO experts who can help guide your organization’s digital marketing efforts? Our consulting services are a great option for businesses that already have a plan in place but want to inject an SEO perspective.

Our SEO consulting fee is a flat rate of $150 an hour. Please keep in mind that we take on very few consulting-only clients so that we can focus our energy on providing value for our clients who need our expertise in larger ways.

Just like your patients, every healthcare system and organization has different needs. That’s why we offer custom packages with flexible services and pricing. These can vary from small amendments for existing packages to aggressive, full-service packages. Our custom services include:

  • Web design
  • SEO website migration
  • CRO campaigns
  • HubSpot management
  • Web hosting

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At Avalanche Creative, we always look forward to collaborating with new construction companies to create SEO strategies that will benefit their bottom line. Reach out to our team to learn what the healthcare SEO experts at Avalanche can do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While you can dedicate a strategy to target a specific keyword, your ability to rank for that keyword depends on several different factors, including:

  • The volume of people searching for it month over month
  • Which websites are ranking for that specific keyword—for example, it’s hard for a singular healthcare organization to rank for conditions that are covered by the National Institutes of Health
  • The overall difficulty of the keyword
  • Your domain authority

While we can try to rank for a given keyword, it’s never guaranteed that you’ll rank for that specific phrase. However, we can help you develop content that is more likely to rank for keywords based on it being substantive, evidence-driven, and empathy-based.

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