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Nonprofit SEO

Running a successful nonprofit is dependent on dedicated donors. Find people who are passionate about your organization (and who are interested in donating time, money, or other resources!) with a robust SEO strategy. With specific targeting made possible through detailed keyword research, we will help get your site in front of eyes that are actively seeking services like yours.

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Nonprofit Content Marketing

Clear content that illustrates what your organization’s mission is, who you’re serving, and how prospective donors and volunteers can help is integral to securing lifelong supporters of your nonprofit. Our team of talented writers will work with you to have a deep understanding of what you’re all about and who you want to reach before creating quality, evidence-driven content that is as informative as it is engaging.

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Nonprofit Web Design

A key to keeping users interested in your organization is creating a seamless web experience. A slow site speed or lackluster layout brings them from wanting to continue learning about your mission to wanting to click off. With SEO in mind, our web designers will revamp any areas of your current website that are preventing potential donors and volunteers from easily learning about your nonprofit.

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Download Our Nonprofit SEO Guide

Read through our industry guide on SEO for nonprofits to learn how your company can develop its own marketing strategy to reach people who align with your mission.


Why SEO for Nonprofits?

Reach New Audiences

Nonprofits rely on volunteers and donors to continually provide services and support in line with their cause. Expert SEO services are necessary to grow your net of supporters. We will help get your site in front of users who care about your values as much as you do by creating content that falls in line with their search habits.

Engage Your Supporters

Reaching your target audience is made possible by employing a variety of SEO strategies, one of which is creating engaging, meaningful content that helps your user understand your mission and how they can help. If your nonprofit focuses on helping animals or environmental causes, our strategy will involve appealing to those who can donate their time, money, or talents toward your efforts.

Build Your Brand

Appealing to the emotions of potential donors and getting them to care about your mission as much as you do is an incredibly important part of managing a sustainable nonprofit. Our content team are experts at understanding the information your intended audience is seeking, and our SEO team will ensure new eyes are seeing your site every day. 

Increase Your ROI

Every business wants the best ROI they can get for their marketing budget, but for nonprofits, it’s particularly vital that any money they spend promoting the business is stretched as far as possible. Other forms of digital marketing only last as long as you pay for them, but with SEO services, your website will continue generating meaningful leads long after you pay your last invoice. 

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Google Business Profile Management

Our team can help your nonprofit utilize Google Business Profile to provide a snapshot of your organization to searchers. Make sure users see friendly photos, your business hours, and other notable information when they search your name.

CRO Campaigns

While employing SEO techniques will put your site in front of your intended audience, a conversion rate optimization campaign encourages interaction with your site. The user will be prompted to participate in an action that gets them a step closer to becoming a supporter of your cause, whether that’s subscribing to a weekly email newsletter or filling out a volunteer form.

HubSpot Management

We use HubSpot, a robust CRM service, to further improve the user experience and track all of the leads your SEO-driven website will generate. Avalanche is happy to help your team become pros at utilizing HubSpot to improve the productivity of your company.

Case Studies

Center for Excellence in Preaching

Center for Excellence in Preaching

97.99% increase in website user traffic from 2022-2023
1,164 organic leads generated from Jan. 2023 - Sept. 2023

The Center for Excellence in Preaching serves the church by providing preachers with fresh ideas and resources for weekly sermons. CEP is a resource from Calvin Theological Seminary and we worked with them on their web design, development, and SEO strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Attracting and retaining an audience is crucial for generating genuine interest in your organization. On-page SEO factors that contribute to this include (but are not limited to) quality content, a quick site speed, and a mobile-friendly design.

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