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Search EnGin & Tonic (Gin & Tonic)

Why are search engines important? Sip back and relax with a gin & tonic while we talk a bit about search engines.

search engin tonic

Lance Beaudry

Lance doesn't have time for the spacesinhissentences. He's always going, curious, and extremely competitive (mostly with himself). He loves to investigate a website to identify opportunities for more traffic and conversions. Spend a little time with him and he'll give you a treasure chest full of website marketing ideas to help you get more results.

Why This Recipe Works

Search engines act as gateways to the world’s information. A search engine is quite literally information at your fingertips, and that’s something to celebrate!


  • One search engine
  • A curious mind
  • An internet-connected device and browser


  1. Have something you want to find or learn about.
  2. Grab an internet device (laptop, phone, etc.)
  3. Make a search with a search engine on a browser.