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Lance Beaudry

If you haven't uncovered the opportunities that your website could bring your organization, Lance will investigate. Lance's curiosity for the way things work gives him the energy to identify opportunities that will grow your business. Spend enough time with Lance and he'll help you discover something awesome and get you excited about your work.

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Hickory Hardware

Summary Hickory Hardware sells custom handles and knobs direct to customers and in big box stores like Menards....

Local SEO Content You Need to Have on Your Website

  (Example of content to put on your home page.) How it Works On the home page of...

We’re Paying You To Let Us Build Your New Website

Today we're embarking on something revolutionary in the web development & web design world... We're going to start...

Superior Groundcover

Summary Superior Groundcover is a sand, soil, stone, bark & mulch installation company located in Grand Rapids, MI....

Free Text Reminder App

From time to time we like to develop neat tools for the internet. We built a free text...

Web Design Process

  1. Planning Helping you answer the question, “what exactly should we build?” This is the initial information...