Case Study


TrapBag® is a low cost, rapid deploy, engineered flood and erosion control barrier bag system designed to protect life and property from natural disasters. We provide SEO, Content, Web, and HubSpot services to them.


The Problem

With a unique product offering for a unique audience, TrapBag wanted to use its website to reach more of the right people. Our goal was to increase organic traffic, conversions, and leads through search engine optimization.

The Solution

After performing extensive keyword research to learn which terms are searched by TrapBag's ideal audience, we performed an SEO audit of the TrapBag website and began creating content tailored to this target audience. By starting from the perspective of the searcher, who in this case is someone concerned with flooding and erosion control, we were able to help TrapBag reach and empower more of their ideal customers. We have added/edited over 100 pages on their website since beginning our work together.

The Results


Total leads generated


New users from July 2022 - July 2023


Of total leads were organic
“Whatever you are doing with Google, keep it up. We had eight calls today just for stone installation services.”

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