Case Study


PreEmptive provides application protection tools for Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, and IoT systems. Their main goal was to attract more leads, but needed help growing their brand awareness post-acquisition.

A shield with data streams coming from it.

The Problem

PreEmptive’s main goal was to increase leads and grow their international visibility. The brand also needed help growing their brand awareness post-acquisition. PreEmptive also aimed to increase trial sign-ups and inform users of their new products/services. PreEmptive wanted to expand its market from small businesses to large enterprises.

The Solution

To help the PreEmptive team achieve their goals, we took a content-heavy approach. Our team has written multiple content pieces for them each month. With their new content and the optimizing their site, PreEmptive now ranks for 1,500 keywords and has seen a total of 1.267 trial sign-ups this year alone. Their brand awareness has increased substantially in the United States and has improved globally compared to last year.

The Results


Total impressions in the past six months


Total conversions the past 30 days


Total new users in May 2024

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