SEO for Modular Construction

An effective SEO and digital marketing agency can help your modular construction company attract more leads, add more value to your website traffic, and grow your brand in meaningful ways.

SEO Services for Modular Construction

Avalanche Creative has years of experience helping modular construction companies market their business, both within the residential and commercial industries. As a modular construction marketing agency, we provide high-quality, customized SEO for modular builders and know how to build creative content that helps you find more customers organically. Our team loves to help modular construction companies get real, tangible results that serve as long-term solutions for attracting prospective homebuyers.

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SEO Strategy Plan

Our SEO strategy plans are the building blocks of our approach to digital marketing for modular builders. We start by digging into the data of your website, researching your competitors, and learning more about your target audience. We’ll then use the information we find to develop a robust marketing strategy.

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Content Writing

At Avalanche Creative, we make content for people, not search engines. Where most agencies will add content to your website just for the sake of it having content even if it’s not helpful, our content reflects what your modular construction customers are searching for. This allows you to build consumer trust through well-researched content and attract your ideal customers as leads.

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Web Design & Development

Along with the SEO strategies we develop for your modular home marketing plan, our web design team makes attractive, easy-to-use websites that are built with SEO at the forefront. We design these sites to have an excellent user experience and drive your visitors to convert into leads or customers.

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Technical SEO

As part of our modular construction marketing methods, our SEO experts will analyze the back end of your website to make sure search engines can index its pages properly. We’ll also look for broken links and make sure your pages are loading quickly, all to improve your website’s ability to rank higher.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is particularly important for modular construction companies that operate within specified service areas or states, or who are trying to expand their business within those areas. We’ll research which keywords your customers in those areas are using to learn about modular buildings and create content to serve their needs and answer your questions. We’ll also help you develop and maintain your Google My Business profile so potential customers can find you more easily.

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SEO Consulting

Our consulting services are beneficial for companies that can develop their content internally. The level of experience our digital marketing agency has will provide your team with guidance, assistance, and recommendations to help your marketing efforts pay off.

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Performance Tracking & Analysis

The best way to know if your marketing efforts with us are working is to track and analyze their performance. We’ll track the metrics that matter most to helping your business grow, which demonstrates ROI and shows where we may need to adjust our strategy.

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Our Process

Keyword Research

Throughout our partnership, we’ll spend time identifying keywords that are relevant to your modular construction company and its goals. We may target keywords around specific services you offer, questions your customers ask frequently, and terms that are specific to the areas you serve.

Competitive Analysis

Chances are, other modular building suppliers and dealers are vying for the same customers as you. As part of our competitive analysis, we’ll review which keywords they’re ranking for and how they’re doing it. The data we find will help us determine which parts of their strategy may work for your business—and where there may be opportunities to take advantage of things they haven’t thought to do yet.

Sitemap Planning

Your sitemap is the blueprint we use to help everyone involved in your digital marketing efforts understand the SEO strategy we’re using and how it fits into your current website. We develop your sitemap based on the keyword data that will be most effective for your business goals.

Content Planning

We’ll develop a content strategy for your website based on our conversations with your team about your business goals, along with our findings about keyword data and your competitors. From there, we create topics that are relevant to your customer’s needs. Expect to receive new topics every 90 days for your approval.

SEO Audits

We regularly audit your website to ensure that our strategy is working effectively. After all, what works for the first several months might be different from what you need after our first year of creating content about your business. The data we find during these audits shows us how to respond to changes in your industry, competitors, and customers’ needs.

Ongoing SEO Strategy

If an SEO agency is offering you a one-size-fits-all package or a specific amount of keywords within a month or a quarter, that should be a red flag and a sign you need to look elsewhere. Your strategy should change and grow alongside your business, and our modular construction digital marketing strategies are custom-built for each client to reflect that. We’ll find the right balance of our services to help you get the best results for your budget.

Start Generating High-Quality Leads

Ready to find new homebuyers or business clients in need of modular buildings for the long term? Reach out to the team at Avalanche Creative to see how we can help your business.


The Power of SEO for Modular Construction

More Leads

Some SEO companies focus their efforts on increasing traffic, but that shouldn’t be the whole picture—after all, you can’t pay your builders in website traffic. Our primary goal when we’re working with clients is to generate higher-quality leads who are more likely to become long-term customers—and more of them. Instead, we focus on driving the right traffic to your website so the leads you get will be more likely to buy or lease your modular buildings.

Increased Brand Authority

A well-executed SEO strategy enhances your modular construction company’s brand visibility and reputation organically. When someone is searching for options for their new home or business, trust is invaluable. A strong, authoritative online presence can help you build that trust with both audiences.

Better Informed Customers

Your website is a salesperson that never sleeps. By providing clear, concise information about purchasing or renting modular buildings, you allow them to become more informed about your products on their own terms, leading to a better customer experience and a faster sales process.

Modular Construction SEO Packages

Let our experienced team do the work for you. We’ll take care of researching, planning, writing, and publishing for your SEO strategy. We’ll keep you informed with reports and ask for your feedback regularly, so you always know what’s going on. 

This service starts at $2,500/month. However, the cost will vary depending on the work we need to do and how fast you would like us to complete it. This package typically includes:

  • Strategy planning
  • Monthly ongoing SEO
  • 1–4 content pieces (or more) published per month

We’ll lay the groundwork for your team and assist as needed, but the majority of the execution will be up to you. This option is great for companies with their digital marketing department that can take on SEO responsibilities.

Our plan for building a strategy is a $5,000 one-time payment that covers extensive research and key insights about your online presence. The cost of ongoing SEO content templates, reporting, and consulting can vary, but it is a budget-friendly alternative to our full-service SEO package. This package typically includes:

  • Strategy plan
  • Monthly SEO consulting & reporting
  • 1–4 SEO content templates provided per month, with your team writing the content itself

Do you need some guidance on how to get the job done? Feel free to pick our brains with some SEO consulting work. This is a great option for businesses that already have a plan in place but want an SEO perspective.

Our SEO consulting fee is a flat rate of $150 an hour. Please note that we take on only a few consulting-only clients so we can dedicate our energy to providing value for our clients who need more intensive expertise.

Through our custom packages, you can get the services you need to make your website as effective as possible at generating leads. The cost of custom packages can vary from small custom amendments to aggressive full-service packages. Our custom services include:

  • Web design
  • SEO website migration
  • CRO campaigns
  • HubSpot management
  • Web hosting

Talk to Our Team

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We’re always eager to help modular building companies by providing strategies that help them find more customers. Reach out to our team to learn what the healthcare SEO experts at Avalanche can do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Typically, it takes several months to start seeing concrete results once you start working with a modular construction SEO agency. Sometimes, our team can identify low-hanging fruit to help you start ranking for keywords that are relevant to your business, but it normally takes time for Google’s algorithm to recognize your efforts and rank your pages higher in search results.

On the other hand, the nice thing about SEO is that once you have a page ranking highly, you can usually keep your brand in that position for a long time.

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