Case Study

Oktober Can Seamers

Oktober Can Seamers offers drink canning equipment for homebrewers, local breweries, and large restaurants. Our team has provided SEO work and content writing services to help them gain visibility within different industries. 

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The Problem

Oktober Can Seamers has a very niche product. Their product was very valuable to many industries during the pandemic, but they wanted to maintain that momentum as our society transitions back to normalcy. Oktober wanted visibility for specific keywords in order to improve sales of specific can seamer models and gain visibility and exposure within different industries.

The Solution

By conducting keyword research, we were able to identify what keywords should targeted to gain the visibility they we seeking. Our content team has created new content and updated some existing content to help improve visibility. Since working with Oktober Can Seamers, our team has edited/added over 20 pieces of content. Our team has also assisted with conversion rate optimization and link-building campaigns. At the end of our first year of work together, we have seen significant improvements in organic visibility, and expect that visibility to continue to grow exponentially.

The Results


Total leads generated since April 2023


Organic leads generated since April 2023


Total site user increase from August 2023 to November 2023

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