Case Study


MíLá creates and delivers high quality, and authentic, frozen Chinese food to customers. Our team helped them gain better visibility for their online products with technical SEO and optimized content.

A photo of a soup dumpling being held with chop sticks with a spoon underneath catching the soup.

The Problem

MíLá started as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Due to the popularity, they decided to sell their popular product online, intending to expand into grocery stores eventually. They wanted their website content and products visible to people who craved authentic Chinese food. Another goal was to maintain consistency in sales throughout the year rather than having an influx of purchases on a seasonal basis.

The Solution

Our team has improved their website’s visibility by writing SEO-driven content. We have created 16 content pieces thus far! Our other initiatives focused on technical SEO—optimizing existing pages and ensuring the pages are properly indexed on Google. In doing so, we have helped new and existing pages rank higher on the SERPs resulting in increased traffic to their site and conversions.

The Results


Increase in organic traffic from 2023 - 2024


Total purchases made by customers

2.72 million

Total impressions from the last 3 months (Jan - March)

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