Case Study

Butterball Farms, Inc

Butterball Farms produces artisanal-quality flavored butter. They also produce sauces, marinades, glazes, gravies, fillings, toppings, aiolis, and cream cheese. We have provided them SEO-driven content to increase their visibility. 

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The Problem

Butterball wanted to gain visibility and exposure for their custom flavor solutions. They wanted their website content to organically reach their target audience. Additionally, they needed help identifying new ways to create and publish content that would attract new clients, and generate more qualified leads. Their main goal was to reach more B2B and B2C food distributors as they continue to expand their product line.

The Solution

Butterball started working with Avalanche Creative in December 2021. Through out work together we have provided them with over 60+ pages of SEO-driven content, which has helped them increase their visibility at a national level.

The Results


Organic search increase from 2022 to 2023


Increase in engagement


Conversions in 2023 so far

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