SEO for Roofing Companies

People looking for local roofing companies start with Google. Whether they need commercial or residential, they trust the search engines to guide them.

This page includes everything we've learned for doing SEO for roofing companies.

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roofing company seo guide

Why SEO for Roofing Contractors?

Your roofing business needs more leads, right?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

If your business does not appear in local searches for those looking for roofing contractors, you are missing out.

SEO for roofing companies works really well because a lot of people trust search engines to find local businesses. Especially local businesses where, ideally, the customer only needs a contractor every few years. That also explains why people use search engines to find roofing companies. They forget who they have heard of or used in the past.

People spend a lot of time searching and researching roofing companies because it's a big purchase for most.

Your potential customers are searching for you. Just look at how many times per month in the United States "roofing companies near me" gets searched (14,800). That's just the "near me" keyword. It doesn't even include the searches where people actually input their city for the location!

roofing company near me keyword

We do a lot of SEO for roofing companies. If we're not already doing SEO for one of your local competitors, we can help you dominate.

Keyword Research

An effective SEO strategy that leads to more roofing jobs hinges on really good keyword research and then careful content planning. 

It's important to know exactly what potential clients are searching for in your city when they need a roofing contractor, company, or business (see, three different ways to search for your business right there).

We always start by building a big list of keywords and look at the national keyword volume. By looking at how people search for roofing companies nationally we can determine the best keywords to focus on locally.

Below is a screenshot of some roofing keywords and their monthly search volume.

roofing keywords

Working with local roofing companies, we've identified the exact list of what keywords are the most powerful and how to rank for them.

Quality keyword research is an art and science. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and then do it, again and again, to continue to gain empathy for them.

We use a tool that allows us to put in a broad term like "roofing companies" to start getting ideas for how people search for roofing contractors:

roofing company keywords trend

You can see there are some irrelevant keywords right away, but we can drill down and see that people are also looking for financing options when it comes to getting a new roof. This is an opportunity. You need to have some incredibly helpful information on your site about financing options for new roofs in order to attract your customer.

Tracking Keyword Rank and What it Means

If you're a little lost at this point, that's okay. We'll try to break it down for you:

  1. Do keyword research to see how people search for roofing companies.
  2. Pick and remove keywords (for example, maybe you don't do metal roofs, so that shouldn't be a focus).
  3. Track where you show up currently in your city for these keywords (we use a tool called SEMRush to do that).
  4. Identify which keywords you aren't showing up for that you want to or which ones you want to increase your rank for.
  5. Go keyword by keyword and look at your rank position in the search engines compared to your competitors. Find where you aren't ranking and your competitors are. Do you have a page dedicated to your keyword? Are you lacking content? Again, we use SEMRush to create a content template based on the target keyword. This will provide some insight into what our page needs in order to be more relevant to the keyword.

Measure ROI

If you have the correct available data (traffic and conversion rate) from your site. It's relatively easy to make an educated estimate on the potential return on investment SEO can bring your roofing business. Though our calculator does not address all factors, it can help you see the potential value.

We know from experience that you cannot improve what you don't first measure.

For all SEO service we provide roofers, we make sure that you are set up to track results before we ever begin helping you increase your ranking.

SEO is creative and scientific, but we can help you accept the challenge of determining the true value of SEO to your business. We do it because we like to share in the success of our clients. We need to measure our own effectiveness to know who we can help.


A quick way to measure ROI is with some simple math.

  • Let's say you get 500 organic (from SEO) visitors to your site per month on average.
  • Let's say you convert (they call or fill out a form, etc) at 5% (25 inquiries per month).
  • Let's say of those 25, 20% or 5 become new clients.
  • Let's say your average customer value is $8,000 (based loosely off of this data)

Within that example, you're looking at $40,000 (based on $8,000 x 5 new customers) per month added to your pipeline.

Now let's say you hire an expert who can execute premium quality SEO for your roofing company.

They believe they can get you an increase of 25% more traffic year over year and a conversion rate of 8%. The new numbers:

  • Now you'll get 625 organic (from SEO) visitors to your site per month on average.
  • Now you'll get an 8%  conversion rate (50 inquiries per month).
  • With 20% of 50 conversions becoming new clients, you now have 10.

Within that example, you're looking at $80,000 (based on a roof value of $8,000 x 10 new customers) per month added to your pipeline.

Is SEO worth it to you? Do the math. We can help you find out what your true numbers are. 

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