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Avalanche Creative is an agency in Grand Rapids, MI that helps you realize the opportunities your business has through search engine optimization, content strategy, and web development.

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Client testimonials.

Whatever you are doing with Google, keep it up. We had eight calls today just for one of the services you are focusing on.

Titus Camps

Superior Groundcover

Avalanche has been incredible to work with! They are experts in SEO and WordPress, but they have done so much more for us. They have personally taken the time to not only learn our business and do the work but also to educate us on the complexity of these new tools. We would recommend Avalanche to anyone looking to take the next step in growing their business through the web. It has been well worth it!

Jeff Cousins

Kraft Business Systems

Avalanche Creative was a dream come true. I hired Avalanche and was instantly reassured that this was a good move. They responded to my message within minutes and had a plan to migrate my site that day. I was in a bit of a bind and needed them to complete the task, thinking 2-3 weeks would be a short timeline. They had the site up and running in 3 days. Wow!!!! Couldn't be happier, the site is beautiful, easy to navigate and better than the preexisting. Thank you again, I'm a forever customer!

Natalie V.

We Are Opportunity Explorers

Not Your Typical Agency

You'll be surprised by how much advice we give away before you've invested in our team. We want people to succeed whether or not they work with us. Challenge us. We'll show you opportunities your business has to grow online.

Our Process

Be people focused and results will follow.

  • Understand & Empathize

    We develop a deep understanding of your customer. What are their pain points? What excites them and motivates them? How do we get obsessed with helping them?

  • Build & Innovate

    We build something awesome for your target customers. We offer your customer a truly irresistible digital experience and solution. Something that challenges, disrupts or innovates the status quo of your industry.

  • Measure & Repeat

    We can't improve what we don't measure. Together, we define success and measure results. We learn from mistakes, but we mitigate risks early on. We repeat the process, growing with you over time.


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