Jay Hidalgo is an executive and leadership coach that specializes in helping people and companies identify where they can be and then help get them there. We built Jay’s recent website with a focus on helping website visitors understand their options for what Jay offers and what engaging with Jay might look like.

The Details


Before building a new site for Jay, we helped him organize his content. Content drives design and when it comes to websites, it also drives decision-making. A great layout and nurturing the visitor through a page well can increase the likelihood that they opt-in to a call-to-action. We helped and continue to help Jay identify ways to turn his website into a lead generation machine.


The design of Jay’s site is simple. Each area of expertise (service) follows the same formation: define what the service is, why someone might need the service, and what it might look like to engage in that service. The simplicity of design and use of strong colors help convey the brand and message Jay wants his audience to feel from the first interaction.


Jay likes to write and is always updating his blog. We continue to develop and create strategies that help turn the blog into a lead generation tool.