For Those That Want Results From Their Website.

What is Base Camp? An all-in-one WordPress solution with everything you need to build a no-code website that generates traffic and conversions.

A subscription to Base Camp comes with:

  • A course with videos on how to build your website and drive traffic via SEO.
  • Website hosting with daily backups, SSL, CDN & 24/7 support.
  • Premium plugins worth over $1,094/year - included for FREE.

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Beautiful Websites. Amazing Results 📈

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"...the course made it so easy for me to build an effective website."

five stars

"Base Camp solves the mystery of SEO and websites."

Base Camp vs Other Website Builders

Why is Base Camp better than Squarespace, Wix, and other website builders?

Base Camp Other Builders
Built on open-source WordPress. Built on closed-source platforms.
100% customizeable to meet unique needs. Limited custumization available.
Built with scalability in mind. Throttles scalability with pricing.
Tools to create personalized page experiences. Lacks the tools to create a personilized site.
Built for generating traffic and conversions. Built to offer a brochure website.


A theme builder, page builder, and complete website ecosystem to build the effective site you need.

Theme Builder

Normally with WordPress, if you don't know how to code, it's hard to customize your header, footer, blog, posts, and other parts of your site. With Base Camp, you can build a custom theme with a drag and drop builder. 

Form Builder

A drag and drop form builder that can do just about anything you can imagine. Connect to Stripe or PayPal to collect payments, sync contacts with MailChimp, and much more. 

Page Builder

A simple, feature-rich front-end page builder. Drag and drop content modules with no coding required.

100s of Integrations



  • Hosting Included
    Don't worry about hosting. We've got you covered. Hosting includes a free SSL, CDN, daily backups, a staging site, and 24/7 support.
  • Premium Plugins
    Base Camp comes pre-loaded with Premium (paid) plugins that have subscription costs of $1,094/year. As in, that's what you'd pay if you bought these plugins. But, you don't have to!
  • Training & Support
    You've got access to a course and knowledge base that will show you how to not only build your site, but build a site that gets traffic from search engines (SEO) and converts that traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions


Base Camp

$50 per month
$500 per year (2 months free)
  • Base Camp WordPress Ecosystem (Premium Theme and Plugin)
  • Hosting (with SSL, CDN, daily backups, 24/7 support)
  • Training & Support (videos and course to get results from your site)

Much More Than A Website Builder.

Make Your Website A Results Machine

Base Camp was created so you can build a WordPress site that gets you the results you are looking for from your website. A pretty website alone isn't what you want. You want people to find your site, engage with your brand, and take action. Base Camp makes that easy.