In 2016 Shopify add “sections” – modular, customizable elements that can be added statically or dynamically to a theme’s homepage Theme Editor.

Older themes, however, do not come with theme sections. We struggled to find an article on how to add Shopify sections to a theme that does not have sections included. So, we decided to write this straightforward, simple article.

1. Go to your themes, select the “Actions” drop-down and select “Edit Code”

theme customize

2. Find your index.liquid file and add the code “{{ content_for_index }}”

index liquid

3. Go to your sections folder and select “Add a new section” then name your section.


4. Add in your section content to create your first section. Need a custom section developed? Contact us.


5. Save your code, then go to the customize section of your theme. You’ll now see the “Sections” tab and a block to “Add section”.

add section

6. Select “Add section” and your new section will appear for you to add it to your home page.