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We design sites to:sell more productsget more leadsconvert more visitorsintegrate with marketing

Avalanche Creative does web design in Grand Rapids, MI.
But we do it differently. We focus on results.

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We Focus On The Goal

You want more of something, right?

Leads. Sales. Emails.

It's not hard to design a beautiful, functioning, well-coded website. In fact, there are plenty of great web designers and developers in the greater Grand Rapids area and beyond.

We do web design with a goal in mind:

Your goal - whatever that may be.

The messaging and copy influence the design, the design influences the action the visitor takes, and the actions should lead to individualized marketing automation based on behavior.

We think about all this and implement it in our web design.

Delivering ROI

Christmas Lite Show Project, by the numbers...

Single day Return:

$52.33 in Facebook Ads returned $524.00 in sales

Email List Growth:

From 0 to 1,000 plus qualified buyers in 6 days

Audience reach:


How Do We Do It?
The Process

First, we get to know your product(s) and why anybody would want to buy. That helps us understand the buyer. If we can understand their problem, and where they spend their time, we can position your web design and message to get in front of them.

  1. We first build your foundation: your messaging, design, funnels, pages, etc.
  2. We integrate important scripts like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to measure success and understand your audience better.
  3. We build automated marketing integrations with leading technology solutions and integrate (or help fix) your sales funnel and marketing stack.
  4. We build momentum with creative marketing campaigns.
Your New Web Design

It all starts with a free strategy call.

15 minutes and we'll be able to tell you if we can help you get more of what you want.

Either way, we'll guarantee you'll hang up the phone with a better understanding of what you need with your web design.

Who We Are
Your Web Design Team

When you work with us, you extend your team. We are competitive, hungry, and always utilizing the most cutting-edge marketing technology.

Our business grows when your business grows.


Lance and Rayanne Beaudry

We live in Grand Rapids, MI and love to help businesses put their websites to work with powerful web design and website strategies.


We're done talking. We'll let our awesome clients take it from here...

jay hidalgo

Lance gets it. A strategic marketer who makes it happen. That's a rare combination in digital marketing today.

Jay H.

Sales Coach & Consultant
amy p

Lance was great to work with, knowledgable and personable. I love my new website- exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend working with him!

Amy P.

Interior Designer
To Start Growing

Let's build something we're both proud of together: a web design solution that gets put to work growing your business.

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