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Our Shopify-powered, event-based websites help you sell more tickets and keep more profit.

  • No fixed or percentage fees on tickets sold
  • Transactions happen on your site
  • 100% of the ticket retail value retained to you

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We Focus On Sales

That's what you want, right?

You don't like to worry about things like:

Web design, email marketing, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, retargeting, contests, social media, A/B testing, conversion rates, funnels...

Feeling overwhelmed?

There's so much to think about for selling online. It can be daunting trying to figure out what strategies, tools, and advertising channels to use to make sales.

We can manage your Shopify store and scale it with brilliant marketing tactics. You focus on running the business.

Delivering ROI

Christmas Lite Show Project, by the numbers...

Single day Return:

$52.33 in Facebook Ads returned $524.00 in sales

Email List Growth:

From 0 to 1,000 plus qualified buyers in 6 days

Audience reach:


What You Get
Shopify Ecommerce

The world's most popular eCommerce solution that makes managing an online store simple and incredibly flexible and scalable. 

Event-Based Ticketing Solution

We use technology built on top of Shopify to allow your customers to purchase tickets right on your site meaning you'll have more conversions and retain more profit.


Easily integrate with MailChimp for email marketing. Integrate third-party applications to run your business smarter.

Check-in app

Use an app on mobile and tablet devices to check in customers either by scanning their printed or mobile ticket QR Code, or simply search for them by name to check them in.

Multiple ticket types

Need to sell variants of tickets? Tickets good for multiple dates and times? Only a certain amount of tickets per person, group discounts, etc. We've got it handled.

Fast payments

Get paid fast with Stripe's depositss

Why Shopify?

You can sign up for an account, build a simple store, add an event or two, and sell tickets in a matter of hours. Seriously, we’ve done just that.

Shopify is the perfect online store manager that is dead simple to use. It's incredibly developer friendly, meaning you can do just about anything with it and it can integrate with hundreds of marketing, sales, and reporting tools.

Best of all, transactions happen on your site which means you can

  • easily connect and measure ad spend to tickets sold
  • keep more profit
  • not lose valuable data for marketing
Get started with Shopify

Whether you've got a store started or not, we can help you develop, market, and sell your tickets.

It all starts with a free strategy call.

15 minutes and we'll be able to help you understand how to create the best solution possible for your event-based business.

Who We Are
Your Marketing Team

When you work with us, you extend your team. We are competitive, hungry, and always utilizing the most cutting-edge Shopify integrated, marketing technology.

Our business grows when your business grows.


Lance and Rayanne Beaudry

We live in Grand Rapids, MI and love to help business owners navigate selling their products online with Shopify.


We're done talking. We'll let our awesome clients take it from here...


Avalanche goes above and beyond. There is no cookie-cutter strategy. They get creative with digital marketing to meet your unique needs.


Shopify Store Owner

I couldn't be happier. I was nervous to spend money on digital marketing for Shopify at first, but Avalanche proved me wrong.


Shopify Store Owner
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