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We are a full-service Shopify E-commerce Development and Marketing Team in Grand Rapids, MI.

See exactly how we helped the Christmas Lite Show get a 500% return on investment:

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We Focus On Sales

That's what you want, right?

You don't like to worry about things like:

Web design, email marketing, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, retargeting, contests, social media, A/B testing, conversion rates, funnels...

Feeling overwhelmed?

There's so much to think about for selling online. It can be daunting trying to figure out what strategies, tools, and advertising channels to use to make sales.

We manage your Shopify store and scale it with brilliant marketing tactics. You focus on running the business.


We know that if we work hard to return your marketing dollars and deliver an incredible ROI, you'll keep working with us.

Delivering ROI

Christmas Lite Show Project, by the numbers...

Single day Return:

$52.33 in Facebook Ads returned $524.00 in sales

Email List Growth:

From 0 to 1,000 plus qualified buyers in 6 days

Audience reach:


How Do We Do It?
The Process

First, we get to know your product(s) and why anybody would want to buy. That helps us understand the buyer. If we can understand their problem, and where they spend their time, we can position ourselves to get in front of them and sell your products.

  1. We first build your foundation: your site, design, funnels, pages, and killer content.
  2. We integrate reporting technology like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to measure success and make future decisions.
  3. We build automated marketing integrations with MailChimp and other marketing tools for killer, highly targeted exposure.
  4. We build momentum with a big marketing campaign.
Why Shopify?

You can sign up for an account, build a quick store, add a product or two, and sell it in a matter of hours. Seriously, we’ve done just that.

Shopify is a perfect online store manager that is dead simple to use. It's incredibly developer friendly, meaning we can do just about anything with it and it can integrate with hundreds of marketing, sales, and reporting tools.

Learn more about why we love Shopify.

Start your free 14-day trial and we'll help answer any questions you have for free.

Get started with Shopify

Whether you've got a store started or not, we can help you develop, market, and sell your stuff.

It all starts with a free strategy call.

15 minutes and we'll be able to help you understand how to get more sales from your Shopify powered website.

Who We Are
Your Marketing Team

When you work with us, you extend your team. We are competitive, hungry, and always utilizing the most cutting-edge Shopify integrated, marketing technology.

Our business grows when your business grows.


Lance and Rayanne Beaudry

We live in Grand Rapids, MI and love to help business owners navigate selling their products online with Shopify.


We're done talking. We'll let our awesome clients take it from here...


Avalanche Creative was a dream come true. I was a little apprehensive with hiring someone so far away to migrate my website, fearing that I would have a communication breakdown and the quality would suffer. I hired Avalanche and was instantly reassured that this was a good move. Lance responded to my message within minutes and had a plan to migrate my site that day. I was in a bit of a bind and needed him to complete the task, thinking 2-3 weeks would be a short timeline. Lance had the site up and running in 3 days. Wow!!!! Couldn't be happier, the site is beautiful, easy to navigate and better than the preexisting. Thank you again, I'm a forever customer!

Natalie V.
To Start Selling More

Help us help you sell more stuff. Contact us today for a free assessment and strategy. If you aren't a good fit for our model, we promise you'll get ideas and tools to help yourself grow.

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