Page Speed

A website’s page speed is how long it takes for the webpage to load on the user’s browser. There are many factors that go into page speed, such as the website’s server, the size of images, and any scripts that load with the page. 

Page speed is important because it is a ranking factor for search engines like Google. This is because search engines will prioritize content and websites that offer an optimal user experience. Slow-loading websites will see higher bounce rates—or percentage of users exiting the website after viewing only one page—as well as lower page rank.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool that measures a website’s page speed and gives suggestions on how to improve load times and user experience. Here’s how it works: the tool will navigate to the website from both a desktop-based browser and a mobile-based browser to measure performance for both types of devices. PageSpeed will then give the website a rating that ranges from 0-100. A higher score is better, and a score above 85 is ideal.

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