Meta Description

A meta description is a summary of a webpage that is often shown in Google’s search results. Meta descriptions and meta titles are found in the HTML code of a webpage.

Because meta descriptions are shown as descriptions in search results, it is important to update these fields for each page of your website to improve clickthrough rates. If you don’t, Google may fill in this field with information pulled from your website that may not give the best description of what is on your page.

To write a great meta description:

  1. Make sure to clearly convey the value to your users about why they should visit your website.
  2. Try to incorporate your primary keyword in your description.
  3. Include a strong call-to-action to encourage more visitors.
  4. Make it natural. Use the same writing style as the rest of your website.
  5. Make your meta description between 155-160 characters, or around 920 pixels. Any more, and Google might cut it off in the search results. 
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