LSI Keywords

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is used by search engines to group together and analyze words or phrases that are commonly used in correlation with the search query. LSI essentially asks, “What other words might this searcher typically use to find the information they’re looking for?”

The LSI keywords of a given search query are more than just its synonymous words or phrases; LSI keywords can also include any other terms that searchers use in correlation with the query.

For example, if someone searches “hydroseeding services near me”, search engines will identify LSI keywords such as “lawn care”, “landscaping”, and “turf”. The specific phrase “hydroseeding services” might also indicate to the search engine that the searcher will be looking for “hydroseeding cost” or “hydroseeding prices” as well.

One way to find LSI keywords for your main keyword is to look at related searches at the bottom of Google’s search engine results page. This will show you a brief list of semantically-related keywords that users will also search for.

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