SEO ROI Calculator

Find out if you're ready for SEO with this free Search Engine Optimization return on investment calculator.

Knowing your current monthly traffic and conversion rate is required.

The formula takes the average number of monthly conversions (leads or sales) that come from your site and multiples them by the average customer value. We then apply a traffic increase if you were to invest in SEO to help determine ROI.

Keep in mind that this is theoretical. A more advanced formula for your business could provide a more accurate estimation.

Example Data

Below is a table with data with and without an SEO investment. A slight increase in the conversion rate was applied in the "with SEO) column, which is typical of a quality SEO strategy as the ideal traffic increase is more qualified and therefore more likely to convert.

This is based on a conservative month over month traffic increase of 25%.

Monthly Traffic 500 625
Conversion Rate 2% 3%
Conversions 10 16
Average Customer Value $1,000 $1,000
Monthly Conversion Value $10,000 $15,625
12 Month Traffic 6,000 8,594
12 Month Conversion Value $120,000 $214,843.75
SEO Calculator

Website Analytics

Before you can determine website search engine optimization return on investment, you need to know if you're tracking the right metrics.
(Other website analytics software is fine, too)
(Conversion rate being anything from product/service sales, leads and form fills, click to calls, etc.)

SEO Calculator

(estimate of average monthly website visits)
(ex: 2 = 2% conversion rate)
(estimated lifetime customer value or average purchase value)
(what do you have to spend on SEO?)

Estimated SEO ROI

(All values calculated based on a conservative 25% annual traffic increase from SEO)

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