Our SEO Process Course – Learn How to Attract & Convert Website Traffic

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This course provides step-by-step instructions for how we take on a new search engine optimization project. We’ll be utilizing our favorite SEO software, SEMRush so make sure to get a free trial before getting started. You’ll learn how to start ranking for the right terms the right way faster than any other training course.

  • Learn how to use SEMRush to do keyword research.
  • Learn how to check your rankings and those of competitors.
  • Learn how to create content that will help you attract and convert website visitors.
  • Get all of our SEO standard operating procedures along the way.
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If you haven't uncovered the opportunities that your website could bring your organization, Lance will investigate. Lance's curiosity for the way things work gives him the energy to identify opportunities that will grow your business. Spend enough time with Lance and he'll help you discover something awesome and get you excited about your work.