Match Frame Creative is a video production company in Grand Rapids, MI with clients such as Amway, Cornerstone University, Meijer, Steelcase, and Zondervan. Match Frame approached Avalanche Creative with the need for a new WordPress-powered website. We designed the simple, focused website to highlight what matters most; their work.

The Details


During the discovery phase of the Match Frame project, we identified some other industry-related sites that we liked. We picked a few as a benchmark to live up to. Part of the requirements of this project were to create a solution that made it easy for the Match Frame team to make simple edits and add content to the site easily.


We didn’t have to look far for design inspiration. By viewing Match Frame’s work were able to create a layout and design for the site that made sense. One that matched their work and helped nurture the experience of a website visitor. We wanted visitors to easily and quickly be able to experience their work, which is the end product for sale.


Once we put together a layout and design concepts, we put it all together to make a functioning solution.


After hours of reconsidering content and running multiple spell checks, bug testing on different device sizes and browsers, we launched the site in early 2017.