FamilyWise, a San Francisco-based startup, approached us with the desire to discover their brand and identity. We created their style guides and logo, and continue to build and maintain the design and information architecture of their website.

The Details

FamilyWise is a free service that offers a web app which allows you to easily create a legal Will. Once the first version of the web app was built (by another company) Avalanche Creative teamed up with the FamilyWise team in a discovery process to develop their brand identity.


FamilyWise provides legal documents and advice to its users. Legal documents tend to have a corporate vibe with little to no playfulness. FamilyWises’ focus is on helping families protect themselves and their loved one, stay organized and prepared for the future. We wanted to create an identity that had the element of being family-friendly without compromising on the seriousness of the issues FamilyWise addresses and solves.


Once we nailed down a style guide and logo, we began building the FamilyWise website, built on WordPress. We love Google’s Material Design and since FamilyWise provides free, legal documents, we decided the card-based, material-inspired design was the best direction to go. Once we created an initial sitemap to define the architecture of information, we began with the home page of the site, as we do with all of our sites. The home page helps us establish layouts, themes, spacing, font-sizes, colors, and voice before applying it to the rest of the site.


WordPress is great right out of the box, with an extensive library of free themes, but building a custom theme for FamilyWise required additional consideration for the future of the site. The goal of the site is ultimately to get more people to create a free account and create their free, legal will. This user journey was carefully considered when developing the theme. Once they’ve created a will, FamilyWise introduces them to helpful articles, resources, and referrals that will continue to help families stay well-informed and protected. All of the intricacies of how the data would be managed played an important role in developing the site.


After we did a considerable amount of testing and debugging, we launched the FamilyWise site. The development of the site is a continuous process as the startup continues to grow and validate their value in the market and we continue to support and stay involved in helping them achieve their goals.