Cage Catchers is a niche product developed by a company that manufactures food grade disposable wax paper. Their unique product exists to eliminate unsightly and unsanitary conditions of bird cages for only pennies.

The Details


Cage Catchers approached us with an incredibly outdated website. It was hard to tell that the site was an eCommerce site to begin with. We worked with the team behind Cage Catchers to help them understand the value in switching to an eCommerce platform like Shopify.


The design process was pretty simple for Cage Catchers: get a site up. There old site’s shopping cart no longer worked so they needed a solution fast. The product list was quite extensive and the previous site did not organize the products into categories. We helped them make more sense of their products and designed a more intuitive site navigation. We kept it simple and built it fast, as per their requirements.


Once we organized the products into categories that made sense, we prepared to launch the site.


After launching the site, we worked with the team to help them learn how to easily manage their site, fulfill orders, and make maintaining a great customer service a breeze.