The Avalanche Course

Build A Lead Generating Website

This course will teach you exactly how to build a website that generates leads.

  • no coding or design skills required + all the tools you need.
  • learn by actually building a website.
  • generate leads and grow your business through SEO.
  • perfect for local businesses, side-hustlers, and bloggers.
  • new content added regularly.

***We built our business and clients' businesses through the approach taught in this course***


Take the Course

lance beaudry headshot
Who's teaching this course, anyway?

Lance Beaudry, Co-Owner of Avalanche Creative

I went to school to be a teacher. (Mostly because I wanted an audience to listen to my bad jokes every day.)

For the past 6 years, I've built Avalanche Creative on a shoe-string budget. No formal training. Just learning by doing.

Today, Rayanne, my wife and co-owner, and I are living the lifestyle we desire because of my insatiable curiosity and desire to teach and learn. This allowed me to teach myself how to grow businesses by using websites.

I built Avalanche Creative and help other businesses grow theirs with the exact same approach as I teach in the course. 

What you'll learn and acheive:

  • How to build a simple, yet powerful WordPress website with a drag and drop builder.
  • How to determine exactly what content you need on your site to show up in the search engines (SEO & content strategy).
  • How to use software to determine what to publish on your website.
  • How to setup and optimize your Google My Business for local search visibility (getting local traffic to your site).
  • How to convert traffic that comes to your site and use basic marketing automation.
  • How to systematically run your digital marketing.
  • How to interpret metrics that matter.

Watch the intro video

A learn-by-doing course.

This isn’t a course that will fill your head with knowledge you won't apply.

You’re going to build a website capable of real results (if you do the work) like others have:

$10,000 Flipped Website
387 Leads in One Year
500% Increase in Website Traffic

Course Content

The course is broken down into three modules, which have multiple video sessions.

Optional Costs

  • SEMRush: $100/month
  • Slickplan: $9/month

These will be used within the course and you'll have the option to sign up for exclusive trials.


Need support along the way? Chat with us right within the course. Need us to do something for you? Book some time with someone from our team - all within the course.

This course is for:

  • Digital marketers and teams that want to improve their SEO and content strategy skills
  • Local small to medium-sized businesses that want to be lean and perhaps don’t have a large marketing budget.
  • Local consultants, service-based businesses, etc. that want to generate more local leads.
  • Side-hustlers that want to eventually make money online as an affiliate or grow their audience.
  • Bootstrappers who want to put in sweat equity and build a 6-7 figure business for less than the price of a college course.
  • College students and young entreprenuers that want to learn how to build a simple website and results-focused digital marketing.

This course is not for:

  • People that don’t have a clear goal and project in mind. The only thing we don’t offer in this course is to do it for you, but we make it so easy it’s like we do. That’s why you need to have a business to start or already have a business established and ready to grow.
  • People that want a flashy, over-designed website. You can build a functional, beautiful website through this course, but not the next or edgy creative agency website.
  • People that can’t commit. We want people to take this course and get results. If you follow through with everything we help you do, you will get them.
  • People that want to learn social media marketing or paid advertising. We’ll reference these things and tell you about how it can (and should) fit in with your strategy. But, before you invest in those, you need to make sure you actually have a plan and strategy to create something your audience will love. This course WILL do that.



$297 one time
  • Lifetime access to the course.

Web Hosting

$30 per month
  • Base Camp included.

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