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Angel Lane

Angel has a Bachelor's Degree from Wright State University. She's been in the content marketing industry for almost five years now. She started with the basics, and every day since then she's worked to build her knowledge base to help serve as many business owners and other clients as possible. She loves writing more than just about anything. She started writing songs and stories at five years old, tried being an author and a journalist, but landed in the realm of web content.

She's also a singer/songwriter/actress/model. She's done background work for Netflix films, starred in a few random television commercials, written songs for artists across the globe, and opened concerts for Drake Bell and Sabrina Carpenter.

Question & Answer:

What pets do you have?

I have two bunnies. Frodo is a Flemish Giant mix, which is funny because he's named after a hobbit. Berry is a Chocolate Dutch bunny and she's a feisty little thing.

What is your favorite place you've traveled to?

Torn between Nashville and Arizona. Nashville is truly the city of music and Arizona has stunning deserts.

What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

The Office or How I Met Your Mother

What phrase are you guilty of saying too frequently?


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