About Us

About Us

Who We Are. What We Do.

Not Your Typical Agency

Who We Are

As a digital creative agency in Grand Rapids, MI, Avalanche Creative works to build momentum for businesses through the strategic use of their website.

We focus on creating simple, thoughtful experiences that focus on empathizing with the audiences our customers serve.

We think of ourselves as opportunity explorers. We don’t simply deliver solutions that meet customer requirements. In fact, we often challenge the assumed project requirements of our customers. 

We challenge the status quo of your industry once we’ve understood it. We take our bag of digital and development tricks and see where they’ll fit into your industry. We allow our insatiable curiosity to drive us towards creating innovative, competitive, and disruptive assets for your business. 

Beginning to Now

Our Story

Avalanche Creative was founded by Lance Beaudry in 2013. Back then websites were what we did.

Along the way, Lance's entrepreneurial desires evolved the work. Websites became tools to solve bigger problems, better.